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cloud security

Cloud Security is a shared responsibility between you, the cloud providers and Centilytics. You are an expert on your application, hence best-fitted to secure from the Operating System (OS) to the Application layer. Cloud providers are experts in securing from the Physical (Bare Metal) to the Hypervisor layer. Centilytics is an expert on what's left in the middle i.e. Hypervisor to Operating System (OS) layer.

Your dynamic cloud infrastructure can fall vulnerable to 400+ points of failures. Be it fault tolerance, performance optimization, service limits breaches, or security loopholes; Centilytics' Security and Health can identify all those vulnerabilities in your infrastructure within a single pane of glass.

Get a turnkey solution tailored to manage all the compliances such as PCI, CIS, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, CSA and NIST 800-53. The severities, categorized as Critical, Warning and OK, help you prioritize which issues need to be tackled first.


Security Audit

Security audit helps you identify loopholes, asses risks, and remediate the vulnerabilities that exists in your multi-cloud. Get enhanced compliance management and follow industry 'best practices' for your unique infrastructure.


  • Security overview on a single pane of glass
  • 300+ Service-wise security checks
  • One-click fixes
  • Compliances managed: GDPR, HIPPA, PCI, NIST, ISO, CSA, CIS, Trusted Advisor, Azure Advisor

cloud security audit
performance optimizer

Performance Optimizer

Inefficient use of resources may lead to performance degradation. Get dedicated checks to track overutilized instances and ensure that your applications make the most out of provisioned resources to improve overall performance.

Fault Tolerance

Organizations handling critical data in cloud never want to experience downtime leading to business losses. Security and Health provides disaster recovery readiness with fault tolreance insights such as AMI age, snapshot age, backups etc.

fault tolerance
service limits

Service Limits

Public cloud providers define a limit to each service which you can further increase depending on whether it is a soft limit or hard limit. Breaching these limits can cause failure of required actions and prevents scalability of your infrastructure. Now, track and perfectly manage service limits with actionable insights and warnings.

Overview Dashboard

Quickly understand the security posture of your infrastructure with simplified graphical representations based on various severities.

Multi-account & Multi-cloud view

Easily navigate through multiple accounts and multiple clouds within a single pane of glass, and identify the security loopholes in your infrastructure.


Get a multi-faceted view to look at your infrastructure's security from different angles with powerful filters based on regions, compliances etc.

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Health Checks

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Security Checks

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Service Limits

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Office of the CIO

Understand your infrastructure to tackle all the contemporary visibility challenges to drive better IT decisions with umatched BI.

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Get total control over your cloud with granular visibility into resource and cost to comprehend what's happening in the infrastructure.

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Infra & Ops

Drive accountability to the business units through cost visibility and layout strategies to utilize cloud budget for maximum ROI.

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Security and Ops

Share cost accountability across different IT teams and justify the cost spent against every resource.

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