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A smart console should not wait for you to log in but automatically trigger appropriate alarms. Centilytics Governance & Reporting acts as a watchdog for your infrastructure in your abscence. It allows you to set up security and budget alerts as well as create reports that can be automatically shared with the respective stakeholders.

Decetralization brings-in efficiency but results in a loss of control over your infrastructure. Centilytics allows third-party integrations such as Slack, O365, Teams or GSuite, to enable smooth collaboration of different teams on preferred medium.


Report Management

Data compilation is a tedious task done periodically as per the management's requests. Get a centralized report generation system with a user-friendly UI catering to the needs of all of the business units.


  • 500+ pre-defined Reports
  • Custom filters to personalize the reports
  • Multiple formats i.e. PDF, Excel and CSV
  • Schedule reports on daily, weekly, monthly, or custom timelines
  • Send via third-party integrations such as Slack, O365 or GSuite

cloud budgeting

Alert Management

For most of the organizations, the governance model involves a lot of manual effort such as keeping a regular check on whether your pre-defined rules are followed or not. Now, you can eliminate all those manual efforts with Centilytics alert management.

Set rules against each insight to get notified if any violation of the defined rules take place. Enhance your alerting by notifying multiple users on different channels such as Slack, O365 or GSuite.


The rapid adoption of different services and their use in irregular fashion arises the need for proper budget controls. With Budgeting you can control cost sprawls in your cloud. Set budget for individual services and enable alerts if it exceeds the pre-defined controls. You also get the freedom to define controls based on average, peak or daily budgets.

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Anomaly Alerts

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Budget Alerts

Who is it for?

Office of the CIO

Adopt a governance framework with freedom to set custom rules, enable alerts for all the deviations and leverage centralized reporting system.

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Office of the CTO

Enable easy governance in accordance with the business as well as technical requirements and ensure an easy way to download and share reports.

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Office of the CFO

Get the flexibility to set custom limits to control the costs and leverage reports to take data-driven strategic decisions.

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Security and Ops

Implement security best practices by setting custom rules and manage all the security operations from the console itself, to help you achieve true governance.

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Anirban Mandal

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Global Infrastructure Lead | LRN

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Ali Shatrieh

CTO | YOMA Group