Discover your cloud assets

cloud inventory

Gain control over your infrastructure through a centralized dashboard that turns chaos into clarity. The point-in-time inventory consolidates resource visibility by continuously discovering assets across your diverse multi-cloud environment.

Think of it as a modern day cloud Configuration Management Database (CMDB) showcasing a holistic picture of every resource running in your infrastructure.

Get pre-built dashboards for vizualisation, comparison, downloading, and filtration capabilities.


asset discovery

Asset Discovery

Stop losing track of your resources due to decentralization of provisioning to individual teams. Inventory tracks down every resource to regain control of your dynamic infrastructure.

point in time analysis

Point-in-time Analysis

Backtrack to any workload or resource to recover the status of your infrastructure for any point in history.



Customize your view with different filters such as account IDs, subscriptions, regions, resource tags and more.

resource topology

Resource Topology

It provides a bird's eye view of the entire cloud infrastructure depicting the relationships between provisioned resources.

real time analysis

Real-time Analysis

The only console with the capability to compile large environments in seconds to provide real-time inventory.

comparison view

Comparision View

Understand your elastic and changing infrastructure with a side-by-side comparison of different insights, resources, workloads, timeframes and much more.

Who is it for?

Office of the CIO

Understand your infrastructure to tackle all the contemporary visibility challenges to drive better IT decisions with umatched BI.

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Office of the CTO

Get total control over your cloud with granular visibility into resource and cost to comprehend what's happening in the infrastructure.

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Infra & Ops

Analyze your cloud environment and deep dive into the complexity by visualizing relationships between the resources.

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Customer Stories

"...provides valuable insights into our AWS infrastructure..."


Anirban Mandal

Deputy Director – Technology | NASSCOM

"...cost-effective way to gain granular visibility into our infra..."


Parthasarathy S

Global Infrastructure Lead | LRN

" billing through Centilytics was a seamless process and..."


Ali Shatrieh

CTO | YOMA Group