Cost Monitoring

Track every dollar you spend

cost monitoring

Cost Monitoring is a solution under Cloud Visibility that focuses on every dollar you spend on the cloud. It offers a clear understanding of various cloud services you use and highlights hidden costs related to them.

Use Cost Monitoring to feed your business units with essential insights such as costs of different workloads, data transfers, Reserved Instances (RIs), instances, and much more.

Atomize your cloud costs with graphical BI dashboards that allow easy filtering and side-by-side comparisons, as well as trend analysis.


multi cloud

Multi-Cloud View

Stop switching to 3 different cloud consoles, and get individual views for all your multi-cloud costs in a single platform.


Agnostic View

Unified cross-cloud view of your infrastructure. Consolidate prices of comparable cross-cloud services (such as AWS EC2s Instances, Azure VMs, and GCP VM Instances) into a single cost.

comparison view

Comparison View

Understand the changing costs of your dynamic infrastructure with a side-by-side comparison of different insights, services, workloads, timeframes, and much more.

multi account visibility

Multi-Account Visibility

Now connect with all your accounts, subscriptions and projects to get a unified or distributed view of all the expenses incurred.

service wise cost distribution

Service Cost Distribution

Navigate from a holistic view of the services into individual SKUs, which can then be broken down into resource IDs.



Go beyond account IDs, subscriptions, services, etc, and analyze your data at greater depths with filters like resource tags, currency, instance type, RI coupons etc.

data visualization

Data Visualizations

Understand and analyze your complex costs with interactive graphical BI dashboards.

data retention

Unlimited Data Retention

Experience the flexibility to analyze cost at any historical time frame with unlimited data retention of your cloud infrastructure.

charge back view

Charge Back View

Visualize the cost broken down into different regions, accounts, IDs, and tags; and apply filters to break it down at a granular level.

Who is it for?

Office of the CIO

Understand your infrastructure to tackle all the contemporary visibility challenges to drive better IT decisions with umatched BI.

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Office of the CTO

Get total control over your cloud with granular visibility into resource and cost to comprehend what's happening in the infrastructure.

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Office of the CFO

Drive accountability to the business units through cost visibility and layout strategies to utilize cloud budget for maximum ROI.

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IT Finance

Share cost accountability across different IT teams and justify the cost spent against every resource.

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Customer Stories

"...provides valuable insights into our AWS infrastructure..."


Anirban Mandal

Deputy Director – Technology | NASSCOM

"...cost-effective way to gain granular visibility into our infra..."


Parthasarathy S

Global Infrastructure Lead | LRN

" billing through Centilytics was a seamless process and..."


Ali Shatrieh

CTO | YOMA Group