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Centilytics for CTO

Cloud Visibility for a CTO

As a CTO, the responsibilities to facilitate the smooth digital transformation of an organization might get cumbersome. The process becomes difficult due to interoperability of different teams leading to a complex infrastructure. Cloud Visibility simplifies the process and helps you achieve the following:

  • Cost-center mapping to measure and analyze cost incurred by every resource.
  • Understand your cloud environment via Resource topology, which gives you the exact layout of your infrastructure with relationships mapped between resources.
  • Expand your capabilities with Inventory to discover any asset operating in your cloud.

Optimization and Allocation for a CTO

CTO’s responsibilities adhere not only just to visibility part but also regularly applying best practices to keep the infrastructure at optimal performance level. The process of churning out redundant data, analyzing it with legacy methods and deducing conclusions is way more complex one can imagine. With Centilytics’ BI dashboards you can optimize by doing the following:

  • Identify the optimization opportunities and develop strategies with actionable insights to always run cloud resources on optimal level.
  • Apply best practices by mandating the tags to be followed in your infrastructrue.
  • Develop strategies to reserve instances based on accurate RI recommendations.

Cloud Automation for a CTO

CTOs are always expected to achieve innovation on technical front with minimum resources. This can only be possible by automating cloud management to shift focus of your engineering team to innovation rather than doing repeated tasks. Let’s see what you can accomplish with Automation:

  • Set rules to automate tasks for wide range of services across AWS and Azure cloud.
  • Reduce unnecessary wastage with automated rules for scheduling resources during non-working hours based on your usage pattern.
  • Be on top of your tagging strategy with total control over tagging rules and ability to add, delete or update tags automatically.

Governance and Reporting for a CTO

The dynamic cloud can create havoc without proper governance. CTO, along with other CXOs, is required to make strategic decisions to enable easy governance and ensure an easy reporting system to empower data driven decisions. You can achieve all of this with Centilytics, let’s see how:

  • Set specific rules to make sure operations run under specific regulations.
  • Get notified if any violation happens against specified rules.
  • Ensure easy yet powerful reporting system for all the teams within the organization.

Security and Health for a CTO

Organizations are rigorously adopting public clouds to maximize ROI, apparently, exposing their infrastructure to vulnerabilities. The scenario is common for a CTO due to lack of resources and expertise in implementing security strategy without proper measures. Security and health allow you to do the following:

  • Get a 10,000 ft overview of your infrastructure to quickly understand the security posture.
  • Be audit ready to meet all the regulatory standards with dedicated checks on various compliances.
  • Ensure fault tolerance for your infrastructure to prevent business loss during downtime.
  • Prevent the failure of critical workloads with the regular monitoring of service limits.

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