How can Centilytics solve problems for a CFO?

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Centilytics for CTO

Cloud Visibility for a CFO

  • Get a Cloud Agnostic overview to monitor cost incurred across all your clouds
  • A multi-cloud view to get an in-depth insight into every public cloud used.
  • Multi-tenancy enables you to measure costs associated with multiple accounts across the entire cloud infrastructure.
  • Access and compare the cost associated with each cost center.
  • Track and analyze billing trends with Cost-Centre Mapping.

Optimization and Allocation for a CTO

  • Get quick overview of the entire budget spent in your infrastructure.
  • Track down every penny spent and charge back to different cost centers.

Governance and Reporting for a CFO

  • Charge back every penny spent by different business units.
  • Filter the cost related data as per different teams, different wokloads, regions etc.
  • Share the reports across different users in the company at preferred mediums such as Slack, O365, Teams or GSuite.

Customer Stories

"...provides valuable insights into our AWS infrastructure..."


Anirban Mandal

Deputy Director – Technology | NASSCOM

"...cost-effective way to gain granular visibility into our infra..."


Parthasarathy S

Global Infrastructure Lead | LRN

" billing through Centilytics was a seamless process and..."


Ali Shatrieh

CTO | YOMA Group